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SLI 3 - Emergency Preparedness and Response (Leading Others)

Hosted by Elyse Nepa, MS Ed., Cleary Acct & Crime Prevention Coordinator, and Samm Swarts, MBA, Assistant Director of Emergency Management & Response, November 18th, 2021

This SLI was presented to raise awareness on how to be better prepared for emergencies on campus. They started by going through some of the numbers you could call if you needed to report an emergency and needed help. They then discussed how to have a plan for an emergency. How will you receive the emergency notification? Are you prepared to shelter in place wherever you are? Do you have an emergency bag in case you have to stay put for a long time? How will you evacuate? How will you communicate with others? All of these were questions that you don't really think about before an emergency. But after the SLI I consider these questions more through my everyday life. I even make sure I have a water with me most of the time and some extra pills in case of an emergency. Overall, this was a good SLI to make sure I stay as safe and prepared in the future.

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