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SLI 2 - Building Consensus in a Group (Leading Others)

Hosted by Jess Shapiro, November 11th, 2021

In this SLI Jess Shapiro ran the group through a consensus building activity for most of the hour. We split into two small groups one of four people and another of five and each group had to try and rank the top ten characteristics of a leader through consensus. We were given twenty-five minutes to finalize our answers. In my group there was a lot of good discussion where everyone got involved and got to voice their opinion and my list ended up changing a lot in some parts and staying the same in others. I enjoyed the discussion and afterwards we got together as a whole group to talk about the process we used to make our decisions and how we felt about it. I left this SLI feeling better about my ability to work in groups towards a common goal and I was glad I attended it.

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