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Student Leadership Institute - Diversity and Choosing a Career

Hosted by Cedrick Simmons - 2013 Ithaca College Graduate

Cedricks presentation centered around one main idea, the real world does not play fair and how to make a living in an unfair world. He talked about how before choosing a major or a job you want to do, you should look at the history of the profession and ask yourself if this career would accomplish all of your goals, mentally and monetarily. There are many jobs that can not speak up against injustice or do anything about injustice without getting fired. For example many employees will see racial injustice but will not be able to do anything or say anything without getting brushed aside or fired. Companies where this happen will usually win lawsuits as long as they have diversity training as this "shields" them from any damage. Cedrick suggests that if you do have a tendency to stand up and speak out you should study hard and be looking for a job that has protections like labor unions. As someone who does like to speak up this kind of advice is extremely helpful for me and I will definitely consider this when I decide my major.

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