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Student Leadership Institute - Establishing Roots

Hosted by Rachel Hart - 2011 Ithaca College Graduate

Rachel discussed the methods to succeed in three different areas of establishing roots, academically, professionally, and personally. The first section discussed networking, and her keys to success in this area was finding our "people" as well as making connections that "click". She proceeded to give many examples of important connections in different areas. Academic connections were professors, and advisors, while professional connections were with colleagues, and industry members. The personal connections stayed with family and friends, as well as members of your community. She then proceeded into discussing necessary skills for success in our future lives. She called it building our "toolbox". Academically she suggested getting a degree along with a certification. Professionally she said that the most important skills to acquire are management and presentation skills. Personal skills she hopes we have were plenty of hobbies and interests to keep life fresh. She ended with things that she wanted us to experience in our time at Ithaca and afterwards. She hoped we would get involved in clubs and organizations at Ithaca, as well as participate in academic research. Professionally she hoped that we would experience many opportunities for training or leadership. Personally she wants us to travel the world and get involved in whatever we can. Overall I think all of her advice was helpful and gave some goals to look forward to in the future.

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