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Club/Organization - Intramural Sports

This semester for the first time I was no longer a part of the Men's soccer team here on campus. This was a big change and one that I knew would take some getting used to. To help ease my transition away from sports, since my body cannot take the grueling physical toll everyday anymore, I wanted to still participate in athletics but on a lesser level. I did this by signing up for intramural competitive soccer earlier in the fall and I am currently a part of a 3v3 basketball intramural team. I'm enjoying this fun and more light version of sports but I do miss the competitiveness of the team. I have definitely learned a lot about being a leader from these new experiences because it gives me a chance to share my knowledge of these sports with others, and also receive a new point of view on a sport from people who maybe are more interested in other types of athletics but are trying out soccer and basketball.

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